Prices (Fees)

Prices (Fees) for Private English Lessons and other Services

I offer a free 30-minute Skype session if you are thinking of booking a course of Skype or 1-1 lessons. Contact me to arrange one.

Skype Lessons
Lessons are usually 1 hour. Courses can be 6 to 48 hours.

Option 1 (conversation, pronunciation, interview practice, grammar etc.)
A course of 6 hours = £100

Option 2 (exam training including full writing correction, business English, English teacher support)
A course of 6 hours = £140 (for exam courses there is a maximum of 250 words of correction per lesson) 
More information about Skype lessons

Lesson Fees (face to face) in the Oxford Area
Lessons are usually 1.5 hours. In a 2:1 or 3:1 lesson, each person must be at approximately the same level. Courses can be 6 to 48 hours.

Typically a 1:1 general English lesson of 90 minutes is £37.50 and IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation is £43.75 but please see details below. For exam courses there is a maximum of 450 words of correction per person per lesson. 

1-1, 2-1 and 3-1 Courses

A course of 8 lessons = 12 hours (payment in advance):
General 1-1 is £300.
IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation 1-1 is £350

General 2-1 is £150 for each person
IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation 2-1 is £200 each

General 3-1 is £100 for each person
IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation 3-1 is £150 each

A course of 4 lessons = 6 hours (payment in advance):
General 1-1 is £155
IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation 1-1 is £180 

General 2-1 is £80 for each person
IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation 2-1 is £105 each

General 3-1 is £55 for each person
IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation 3-1 is £80 each

Professional English (in company)
Course fees depend on what is required. The following is a guide (includes handouts):
A course of 8 lessons = 12 hours:
1-1 is £325 (£380 if full writing correction is required)
2-1 is £165 (£220 each if full writing correction is required)
3-1 is £110 (£165 each if full writing correction is required)

All 90-minute single lesson fees (ideal for last-minute job or exam interview practice):
1-1 is £39. For this kind of tutorial, you will typically only need one, two or three sessions. It is an ideal way to get last-minute help with your English.

Outside the Oxford Area and Abroad
Please contact me to discuss what you need. Do note that a small extra charge is usually needed for lessons outside the Oxford area to cover additional travel costs.

Other information
Handouts and email support are included (you may want to buy a book for exam preparation).
Email support means you can contact me between lessons with your questions about learning English or your course.
In exam courses, students usually email me their writing for full correction in addition to the normal lesson.
In 2-1 and 3-1 lessons, you have lessons with a colleague(s) or friend(s). You will need to find someone to study with.

Payment of fees
1. I will usually give you my bank details after our 30-minute Skype session. If you do not want a free Skype trial, let me know.
2. Pay your fees. The fees should reach my account at least two days before the start of your course. Receipts and invoices are provided if necessary. 

If you are outside the UK, using Transferwise to pay your fees is a low-cost option. I can also accept payments from PayPal. 

It is expected that lessons will take place at the agreed time(s) and on the agreed day(s). If you really need to cancel a lesson (because of illness for example), 3 hours’ notice is needed. However, it is usually possible for missed Skype or private lessons to be rearranged for another time/day. If 3 hours’ notice is not given and the lesson cannot be rearranged, full fees are payable.

Fees for Other Services:

Writing Assessment (this is usually done by email)

  1. Checking and correcting CV’s, job applications, short exam practice essays e.g. IELTS/FCE/CAE/CPE and scientific papers: £10 per 500 words. £5 minimum charge.
  2. Assignment and longer essay checking and correcting (less than 3,000 words in total): £10 per 1,000 words.  £15 minimum charge 
  3. Assignment, dissertation and thesis proofreading where intense correction is not required (more than 3,000 words in total): £7 per 1,000 words.  £30 minimum charge 

English Language Course Consultancy
From £50 per hour

If you are interested in a different service, please contact me.

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