Grammar: Predictions – looking into the future

Grammar: predictions
Pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level (A1-B2)

Michio Kaku is a well-known American physicist. He has just published a book called ‘The Future of the Mind’. In his book he writes about how people we will be able to record clear images of your thoughts and even your dreams! Continue reading

Reading and video: Special double-decker bus

Reading and video: exercising double-decker bus
Intermediate level (B1-B2)

A Czech artist has taken a classic British double-decker bus and made it do press-ups (you can also say ‘push-ups’) in time for the Olympics! Using hydraulics, huge red arms can lift up the bus. Continue reading

Pronunciation: Linking English words – a Mini story

Pronunciation and listening: Word linking
Intermediate and higher level (B1-C2)

In normal conversation it is common for many words to be linked together. This can make listening to English a little difficult at the beginning. You can learn how to link words together. Practising linking English words will improve your listening and speaking.   Continue reading