Grammar: The subjunctive

Grammar: the subjunctive. Where and what is it?
Intermediate to advanced level (B1-C2)

Every language has developed over time. Modern English is simpler than older versions but contains some features from the past. With ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’, the verb form might occasionally surprise you. Continue reading

Grammar: I’m loving it??

Grammar: loving, liking etc – advanced points
Upper intermediate to advanced level (B2-C2)

Some English verbs are not usually used in the continuous form. ‘Love’ and ‘like’ are two of them. For example:
A: On Saturday, there’s a Pink Floyd tribute band playing at the National Arena.
B. Really? I love Pink Floyd. Continue reading

Vocabulary: Mention – a great verb to know

Vocabulary: Mention – a great verb to know
Intermediate to advanced level (B1-C1)

The verb ‘mention’ is one of the verbs we can use to talk about what someone has said or is going to say. It’s really useful because using ‘tell’ or ‘say’ is not always appropriate. Let’s look at some examples: Continue reading

Vocabulary: Adjective, verb and noun combinations

Vocabulary: adjective, verb and noun collocations and website
Intermediate to advanced level (B1-C2)

Many English words are commonly used with certain other words and these become like mini-expressions. For example, if someone has a serious problem or is in serious difficulty, you can say ‘He is in deep trouble‘. However you can’t say ‘he is in heavy trouble‘. Only some combinations are used. Your language probably has similar combinations or collocations. Continue reading

Grammar: List of irregular verbs

Grammar: a list of irregular verbs in groups
All levels

Most irregular verbs are used a lot in English so they are important verbs to learn. In this list they are grouped, for example, by spelling or pronunciation. This should make them easier to remember. Continue reading

Grammar: Predictions – looking into the future

Grammar: predictions
Pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level (A1-B2)

Michio Kaku is a well-known American physicist. He has just published a book called ‘The Future of the Mind’. In his book he writes about how people we will be able to record clear images of your thoughts and even your dreams! Continue reading

Speaking: Congratulating a business colleague

Speaking: Business dialogue
Intermediate to advanced (B2-C2)

Imagine you have just come out of a business meeting where a close colleague (Harry) was very impressive. You decide to tell him what you think. Here is a possible English dialogue: Continue reading

Vocabulary: Words that go together

Upper intermediate to advanced level (B2/C1/C2)

In English many words have a special relationship with other words. For example verbs and nouns:

suggest an alternative
realise an ambition
make a change
pay one’s way
resolve a situation
live one’s dream Continue reading