Adverbs for Cambridge English Advanced and IELTS interviews

Exam tips: the Cambridge English Advanced and IELTS interview
Upper intermediate to advanced levels (B2-C1)

You only have a short time to show how good your English is in the Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) or IELTS interview. How can you do it? Continue reading

FCE writing tips

Cambridge First (FCE) writing tips
Upper intermediate level (B2)

Many people will be taking the Cambridge First exam this summer. To get ready you will probably need to write a lot of essays. An important tip is to keep a list of your most common FCE writing mistakes and check this list before you write. Continue reading

Updated Cambridge English First and Advanced exams

Updated FCE and CAE for 2015
Intermediate to advanced level (B1-C1)

Cambridge English have made some changes to their First and Advanced exams. The biggest change is that now there will only be 4 papers instead of 5 because the Reading and Use of English are being put together in the same paper. Continue reading

Vocabulary: Word families (FCE/CAE/CPE tips)

Building your vocabulary (FCE/CAE/CPE): Word families
Intermediate to advanced (B1-C2)

Why learn one word when you can learn more? Building your vocabulary is essential for many English exams e.g. Cambridge First, Advanced and Proficiency and helps you make more sense of English. Continue reading

Reading: choosing the right book to read

Reading: book level test (graded readers)
All levels

Reading is very important if you want to improve your English quickly. It shows you hundreds of examples of good grammar. It also teaches you a lot of vocabulary and expressions. Seeing the same words again and again will help you remember the words you learnt in the past. However, you need to find reading of the right level for you.   Continue reading

Useful websites: Dictionaries, exams (IELTS & Cambridge), business

Your dictionaryHere are some useful websites if you are looking for a dictionary. There is also a really useful website for seeing how words are used in a sentence and an interesting website which helps you understand phrases. There are also websites about English exams, business articles in English and a link to a reading level test. Continue reading