What my students say

Student Feedback

This is what my students have said about my lessons:

Stella (China) October 2016. IELTS Academic (via Skype)
Ian is an amazing teacher who is not only excellent at English but also full of patience. He has expertise in every aspect of English. Moreover, he knows how to teach and can help students to find out what is the most urgent skill for improvement. I will not hesitate to use any kind words to describe him. It will be a piece of amazing experience to learn with him. Believe me, you will gain as much as me after your study.

Eneritz (Spain) May 2016. CAE 2-1
It was great to have Ian as a teacher. I only can say good things about him. I really believe that it is quite difficult to find a good teacher in Oxford who knows which are your weaknesses and how to improve them, but Ian was who helped us with that. We focused our classes on writing correction and speaking. I used to enjoy our speaking classes because apart from focusing only on the exam, we also used to talk about interesting things about England and culture. Besides, he pushes you a lot with your writing and can sometimes be hard but soon, you see the results. You improve your level a lot. I really recommend you to learn English with Ian 😉

Veronica (Spain) May 2016. CAE 2-1
I really did enjoy my english lessons with Ian. He is a great teacher and is very persistent with me to keep trying and I really like that because I need it. My lessons with him  greatly improved the level of my English as well as to feel more confident. I would highly recommend it.

Anabel (Spain) April 2016. IELTS Academic 1-1 and via Skype
I was preparing myself to take the IELTS exam, I needed a good score to get into a MSc in the UK and I have to say that I couldn’t do it without Ian’s help. Not only did he help me with my writing and speaking skills, he also helped me how to express myself in a more common and correct way. Our conversations were very interesting and I always learnt new things about English grammar and culture. He was always willing to help with patience and kindness.

Marta (Poland) March 2016. IELTS Life Skills B1 level via Skype
I had a course of Skype lessons with Ian to prepare for my IELTS Life Skills exam. I found Ian to be friendly, helpful an professional. The lessons were a great help and I felt well prepared when I went to sit the exam. Of course I passed with flying colours 🙂

Tero (Finland) July 2015 1:1 general English
Now we are back in Finland and I need to say that time in Oxford was very great! And I think that I’m very pleased that I hired you to my teacher. You improved lots of my English skills and make my self-confidence better for my spoken skills.

Lucrezia (Italy) December 2014 2:1 Cambridge FCE
Studying with Ian is fantastic! He is well prepared and he helps me with every kind of difficulties. In my opinion, lessons are interesting, very stimulating and accurately organised. Moreover, if I’m not sure about something, Ian is always available to give me more explanations after the lessons. He has a lot of useful tips to help me to understand my mistakes and improve my English. I’d recommend Ian to everybody!

Luca and Andrea (Italy) October 2014 2:1 IELTS and general English
Ian, first of all, has taught us a way for deal with the English language. A method for improve our listening and writing. It has been very important for us: we learned new words and expressions, common saying to use every day and on professional level. We were really impressed by his ability to adapt us and at our needs. We are two vets and Ian invented simple veterinary cases but also situations that you might be involved in the every day life. At all this must be added his kindness and his interest for every kind of arguments, which has allowed us to know facts, and places who we would never have considered.

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