Starting to learn English

Congratulations! English is probably the most useful language to learn in the world. English can open many doors for you.

English is not a very difficult language for beginners. You can start speaking very quickly. With 200 words you can say many things.

Advice for beginners:

  • Start by learning about 200 important words (nouns, verbs,adjectives,connecting words etc). For example:
    NOUNS: car, house, table, road, person, ticket, time, book, food,
    VERBS: eat, drink, speak, walk, say, help, can, like, sleep, take, give, buy, like
    ADJECTIVES: hot, cold, good, bad, expensive, cheap, happy, sad, big, small
    CONNECTING WORDS: and, but
    DETERMINERS: a(n), the, some, many, more
    QUESTION WORDS: what, why, when, how, which
  • Learn how to make questions such as:
    Can I/you …?  Do you …?  Are you …?
  • Learn to talk about you and your family/town/country
  • Read some easy books such as Oxford University Press readers
  • Listen to films and TV with subtitles in your language.
  • Learn via the BBC. BBC learning English is a great website where you can get translations of words into English.
  • Be patient. It takes time for beginners to learn a language
  • Making mistakes is good. Every learner makes a lot of mistakes and this is necessary for learning.
  • Relax!

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