Elementary English (A1)

At elementary level you now know a little English and it helps to start organising your learning.

Try some lower-level English mini-lessons


  • Write down new words and phrases. You can use a spreadsheet (Excel) so you can add more information at a later date for example, similar words or pronunciation tips.
  • Use an elementary level grammar practice book to learn about tenses and word order.
  • Use a good on-line dictionary (or buy one) which is suitable for your level.
  • Sometimes read and pronounce at the same time. Some elementary reading books have a CD. Here is a reading level test from Oxford University Press. If you score more than 95%, you need a higher level book: Reading Test
  • Start to write a simple diary.
  • Think how you can talk about you, your family and your country. This is useful if you meet an English speaker and you need to introduce yourself.
  • Have a target of the number of words you know, for example 500.
  • Listen for phrases, not just single words.
  • Listen for word stress. This is very important in British English:

The stressed part (syllable) of these words is in CAPITALS.

Listen here word stress

Practise saying them yourself.

    • LONdon (not lonDON)
    • OXford (not oxFORD
    • baNAna (not BANANA)
    • oLYMpics (not Olympics)

Try some lower-level English lessons