Cambridge English exams

Cambridge University has a range of English language tests at different levels and for different purposes. Unlike IELTS, Cambridge English exams have unlimited validity.

In 2015, Cambridge will be introducing a new scale of scores:
Scores between 120 and 139 = CEFR A2
Scores between 140 and 159 = CEFR B1
Scores between 160 and 179 = CEFR B2
Scores between 180 and 199 = CEFR C1
Scores between 200 and 230 = CEFR C2

Also in 2015, Cambridge English are updating their First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE) exams. The changes are not major but there will now be 4 papers instead of 5 (the Reading and Use of English papers are being combined). Cambridge English are also making some changes to the type of questions being used but if you are already familiar with the old CAE or FCE, you should have little difficulty adjusting to the new exams. In addition both exams will be a little shorter than before.

The following Cambridge English exams test all four skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening). Click on the links below to go to the Cambridge English website.

Key (KET) – pass level A2
Preliminary (PET) – pass level B1
First (FCE) – pass level B2 (New exam since 2015: More info here)
Advanced (CAE) – pass level C1 (New exam since 2016)
Proficiency( CPE) – pass level C2

Each has 3 pass grades: A, B and C. The most popular tests with my students are Cambridge English First and Advanced.

My First (FCE) interview tips

Business English certificates

Business Preliminary – level B1
Business Vantage – level B2
Business Higher – level C1

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