IELTS Life Skills by Skype

IELTS: Life Skills by Skype exam preparation 
New English test at A1 and B1 level

Since April 2015 there have been two new IELTS tests. The A1 IELTS Life Skills test is designed for people who need a ‘Family of a Settled Person’ visa. The B1 test is suitable for people applying for ‘indefinite leave to remain (to settle) or citizenship’. You can prepare for IELTS Life Skills by Skype.

The Life Skills exam is a listening and speaking test at elementary or lower intermediate level. There is no written test.

In the interview there is one examiner and another candidate. You either pass or fail the test. Your result is available after about 7 days.

Test Details

The A1 test is only 16 to 18 minutes and the speaking and listening part are done at the same time. There are two parts:

Part 1: Questions and answers and short discussion on common subjects such as the weather, work and jobs, leisure activities, shopping, accommodation, transport, and talking about yourself and your family,

Part 2: A listening exercise where you have to listen to a CD for general and detailed information. This is followed by a discussion based on the content of the CD.

The B1 test is the same as the A1 test but you also have to plan an activity with the other candidate. It is a little longer at around 22 minutes.

IELTS Life Skills by Skype
Please contact me to discuss and arrange IELTS Life Skills lessons by Skype. 1-hour lessons are usually best for this exam.

You can check the IELTS website (IELTS Life Skills) for more information.
You can also go to IELTS Exams