Vocabulary: Mention – a great verb to know

Vocabulary: Mention – a great verb to know
Intermediate to advanced level (B1-C1)

The verb ‘mention’ is one of the verbs we can use to talk about what someone has said or is going to say. It’s really useful because using ‘tell’ or ‘say’ is not always appropriate. Let’s look at some examples:

A. Is Maria coming tonight?
B. No. She mentioned she had to work tonight.
A That’s a pity

In this example using ‘mention‘ suggests that Maria spoke briefly about not being able to come.

Here’s another example:

A. Did Stephen say anything about his promotion?
B. Yes, he did mention it.

We can also use ‘mention‘ about what we say. For example:

I mentioned I had got a new job (or I said/told her I had got a new job).
I mentioned this advert in the newspaper (or I told her about/referred to this advert in the newspaper).
I’ll mention it to him next time I see him(or I’ll tell him next time I see him).

However, a point to remember is that sometimes using ‘say’ or ‘tell’ instead of mention could change the meaning. If you are talking to someone you have already spoken to about something, using ‘say’ or ‘tell’ could indicate you are feeling irritated or impatient! E.g.

A: Did you have time to finish the report?
B. I told you I was going to be busy (= Bi s irritated)
I said I was going to be busy (very direct)

In the situation above, it is probably much better to say something like:

You know I mentioned I was going to be busy? Well, unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish the report.

‘Mention’ is a really useful verb to know and use. Try to listen out for it.

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