Grammar: Verbs + ing

Grammar: verbs + ing
Intermediate level (B1-B2)

Many verbs can be followed by another verb in this way: I want to visit Big Ben. However, some verbs cannot be followed by an infinitive but need ‘ing’ e.g. ‘I enjoy visiting my uncle in Manchester.

Here are 10 useful verbs that can be followed by ‘ing’

enjoy                           They enjoy seeing their grandchildren.

suggest                       I suggest asking your mother for some help.

mind                            Would you mind helping me?

deny                            He denied stealing the money.

dislike                          She dislikes having to listen to him.

feel like                        He didn’t feel like going to the party.

risk                              I can’t risk not having the operation.

look forward to            We look forward to seeing you.

give up                        He gave up smoking last year.

can’t stand                  I can’t stand eating cabbage.

Other verbs have this pattern: appreciate, avoid, can’t help, consider, finish, imagine, keep on, mention, miss, object to, practise, put off, succeed in, be/get used to, be worth

Of course, a verb could be followed by other patterns e.g.

They enjoy seeing their grandchildren.  or  They really enjoy their holidays.

I suggest asking your mother for some help.  or  I suggest you take her advice.

Would you mind helping me?  or  Would you mind if he joins us?

Sometimes a verb can be followed by either ‘ing’ or an infinitive with the same or almost the same meaning:

She began going to school.
She began to go to school.

He started working on the project
He started to work on the project

They prefer staying in small hotels
They prefer to stay in small hotels
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