Elementary knowledge

What you need to know
Lower level (A1-A2)

Teachers, coursebooks and language schools more or less agree about what a student needs to learn at elementary level (A1)

If you already have an elementary level of English, you should be able to speak about:

  • your family, interests and work or studies
  • shopping, prices and holidays
  • the things you like or don’t like

You should know this grammar:

  • Present Simple, Present Continuous and Past Simple verb forms
  • making questions incl. how much/many
  • can, can’t, could and couldn’t
  • I’d like, be going to
  • there, my, your, his/her, our, their
  • always, often, sometimes, rarely, never
  • common adjectives, more, most, er/est (big, bigger, biggest)

You should know this vocabulary:

  • food and drink
  • countries and people
  • numbers
  • basic verbs
  • and use ‘but’ and ‘because’

Do you know all this? If you do, congratulations because you already have a good foundation!